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I am going to be on my first plane out of this country (!!!) in less than 26h and I am so exhausted from having gone out basically every single day in the past week to upkeep my social life.

So just a few highlights!!! of the public viewing from yesterday.

Okay, this got longer than I expected it to be... )

Waku Waku was really great though, and I had lots of fun doing it ♥ Here's to more international activity from my favourite boys (:

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(... And I add an Ohno icon. This is becoming a habit for me |: )

(Also I cannot believe this means Arashi is now going into the stage where they slowly, one by one, become THIRTY. /SHOOOCK)

Ohno Satoshi♥ Our singing, dancing, acting, painting, fishing little man of goodness who doesn't seem to lack in any aspect and is deviously devious beneath his constant stoned expression and have I mentioned he is talented in multiple areas and makes me want to squish him tight forever and always because he is so adorable and lovable and he is a wonderful person and TL;DR, OHNO SATOSHI I LOVE YOU♥

credits to [ profile] saobang2211

Ohno Satoshi: 30 in age, 13 at heart. (And people wonder why I love him♥)
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If you haven't heard Girls, go hear it now. This is musical genius, I swear it.

... I have totally not been jumping up and down going "GARUZU" the whole day, really.
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They are so fun I LOVE IT. It's nice to know there are people still bringing humour into the world on our streets. MORE FUN FOR ALL♥
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I'm not even going to try and control my love for this.



Also relevant: Reason #409823906873;ldkfvc-I've-lost-count why life is unfair: 700 fans watching GANTZ before everyone else does
;_; I'll get it like, half a year later. Damn geographical locations! But what I'm truly jealous about is seeing everyone there -- Nino, MatsuKen, Kanata -- in the flesh. I want this so, so much D:
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"The kotatsu's warmth and futon will dull the senses of the body and mind, corrupting people within it."

AND THEN CHIAKI GOES MANIACAL AND DISPOSES OF THE KOTATSU LIKE HE'S SOME DERANGED PSYCHOPATH OF A CRIMINAL MASTERMIND. Not to mention that the kotatsu gets found and returned later by Nodame, Mine and Masumi before he realises it's not the kotatsu that's dulled his senses, it's them.

I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO TRY FIGURE OUT WHO IN NODAME HAS THE BEST FACES ANYMORE. This drama is possibly the funniest (and the funnest!) thing I've watched in ages. A given, since I've been watching nothing but biological videos on evolution lately, but this is still fabulous. I think I've forgotten how fabulously stupid Jdrama can be when it wants to be :D Will be spending lots of time rediscovering it now :D :D :D
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Now I have all the time in the world to while my life away surfing the web, writing incoherent things, reading for the sake of reading, listening to music, and watching so many dramas I explode. LIFE IS AMAZING.

Oh and sleep. Never forget sleep. -slept like <1h/day for the past week-

Also, I miss this like burning:

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Omg, I am totally not 2 days late for MatsuJun's birthday.
(Also this text is a load of HTML. I cannot read it right now. Damn you Jun, be glad I love you [and HTML])

Also what is this horror that is the fact that I do not have a single MatsuJun icon, tsk. THIS MISTAKE MUST BE CORRECTED AT ONCE -adds icon-

Anyway, Matsumoto Jun(: You have come a long way in your 27 years of life, from chibi!young and dorky to puberty!awkward to fabulousness and glamour in adulthood. Thanks for all the laughs you've brought along the way, for all the effort you've put in to make Arashi a success, and for everything you've given everyone.

Happy birthday Jun(: Oh, and...

Never change(:
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Image from Kawaii-Joyuu


She looks so ridiculously like Nino here I choked a little when I saw the picture o_O Like, her whole look and attitude and she looks ridiculously like Nino okay?

I am still in shock. Okay.
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When I first started this LJ I was seriously like, I'M NEVER GONNA POST I HAVE A BLOGGER.
Now I check my LJ like 5x the number of times I check my Blogger? And I check my Blogger every 5 minutes. Yes, this means I'm permanently on LJ, refreshing it every minute. I should not spend half my life on LJ |:

Also, NCC day is best because we are all, "Let's huddle together and avoid seniors so we won't have to sedia in the middle of no where and greet them okay okay?" and you walk around and suddenly juniors are screaming, "OHMYGOD QUICK WHAT RANK IS THAT UH FUMBLEFUMBLE GOOD MORNING!?" and laughing at platoonmates who have bio that day and sir is taking them and they salute to them in the middle of the bio lab 8D We are sadistic, sadistic people and we're proud of that fact(:

Anyway, cut because no one needs to listen to me rant on pertinent social issues such as homophobia. )

I feel totally wasted after ranting that much but feels WAY GOOD to get it out of my system.

I have about 12 hours left to find a new policy that I feel at least a third as strongly about. Failure is imminent.
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As much as I have exams tomorrow.

(Video from somewhere off youtube, can't remember which one.)

I looped Nino saying "Yeeeaaaahhhhhh" like, 20 times 'cos I totally think it's the climax of the whole song, and now, the PV 8D Not just 'cos it's Nino, just -- THAT NOTE IS SO, ASDFGHJKL; Someone I know described it as orgasmic, I have no better word for it.

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School starts in 4 hours 25 minutes, I haven't slept a wink and I'm not even doing the Stuff Which I Should Be Doing.

Point? I am in denial. Tomorrow doesn't exist, no, really.

In any case, I can't seem to write. Or rather, I can, but I don't think I'm good enough? There's this fear that my characterization is off, that my plot's not right, that MAYBE I SHOULDN'T BE DOING THIS AFTER ALL.
But I will. Because, yea. I've been wanting to write something proper for months now, and now I have the drive to, so I should. And you know what, I'm going to get back to my fic soon.

(Exams in 3 days, I don't think I have time to.)
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Someone tell me it's perfectly normal to download files sized 1440x1080 when their computer screen can only fit 1280x720, but they're such a HQ whore they can't stand anything less than 3/4 of their screen.

No, really, if the sparkles aren't big enough to blind, the file isn't covering enough of my screen.

I think I need a new HDD soon):
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I think I'm in love, oh my god.

Nino. MatsuKen. Kanata Hongo.
Hot suits. Tight suits. Oh god♥
Even the tiny, tiny Kurono-Tae scenes are like ASDFGHJKL;♥
I am so, so glad it's coming to Singapore.
(2011, 2011, 2011...)

Also, what does a girl have to do to get an album. Basically, mother was like "Yea I'll give you my credit card number" and then NOT GIVE IT TO ME. What, you want me to steal it? I would (and pay back later) but I respect her privacy. Ugh :/
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So much for never posting. Time to get this journal properly set up though, with layouts and actual display pictures and joining communities and posting, don't forget posting!

Huge rant on Ohno's new single )

But forget about that.

Nino's car accident is unfortunate (mostly for the rest of Arashi-minus-Ohno though, I mean seriously, banned from driving, and that poor girl with the injury), but still. Car accident love is all drama people, stop wishing you were the girl. (What's going to happen? "Ahh, it hurts..." "I -- I'm sorry!" -stares into each other's eyes and BAM! ~♥TRUE LOVE♥~-)

Also, does it make me a bad fan that I died of laughter seeing water travel up Nino's phone in the reverse version of the AU phone CM? I am a horrible fan, really.

I am hesitating about getting my parents' credit card numbers to order an album I've wanted for the past 9 months I've been an Arashi fan to hear singles I seriously, seriously want and member solos and Sora Takaku (Shit, I've been looking for a HQ of that forever) and 10 extra tracks! TEN!

Maybe I shall. I don't know. -hesitates and walks out the room to impending doom-
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And this also means this journal will forever be left empty until I can actually get less lazy and figure out how everything works here.
I am a slow worker. This may never be done.

Also, I have another main blog (which actually contains snippets of what I have left of a real life) so this will be updated, let's see, never, but we'll see, since I am, admittedly, a compulsive blogger.


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