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fish ([personal profile] standstill) wrote2010-10-20 01:08 am

you can stand in front of the mirror and wave a chopstick around too, right?

"The kotatsu's warmth and futon will dull the senses of the body and mind, corrupting people within it."

AND THEN CHIAKI GOES MANIACAL AND DISPOSES OF THE KOTATSU LIKE HE'S SOME DERANGED PSYCHOPATH OF A CRIMINAL MASTERMIND. Not to mention that the kotatsu gets found and returned later by Nodame, Mine and Masumi before he realises it's not the kotatsu that's dulled his senses, it's them.

I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO TRY FIGURE OUT WHO IN NODAME HAS THE BEST FACES ANYMORE. This drama is possibly the funniest (and the funnest!) thing I've watched in ages. A given, since I've been watching nothing but biological videos on evolution lately, but this is still fabulous. I think I've forgotten how fabulously stupid Jdrama can be when it wants to be :D Will be spending lots of time rediscovering it now :D :D :D

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