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Now I have all the time in the world to while my life away surfing the web, writing incoherent things, reading for the sake of reading, listening to music, and watching so many dramas I explode. LIFE IS AMAZING.

Oh and sleep. Never forget sleep. -slept like <1h/day for the past week-

Also, I miss this like burning:

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So much for never posting. Time to get this journal properly set up though, with layouts and actual display pictures and joining communities and posting, don't forget posting!

Huge rant on Ohno's new single )

But forget about that.

Nino's car accident is unfortunate (mostly for the rest of Arashi-minus-Ohno though, I mean seriously, banned from driving, and that poor girl with the injury), but still. Car accident love is all drama people, stop wishing you were the girl. (What's going to happen? "Ahh, it hurts..." "I -- I'm sorry!" -stares into each other's eyes and BAM! ~♥TRUE LOVE♥~-)

Also, does it make me a bad fan that I died of laughter seeing water travel up Nino's phone in the reverse version of the AU phone CM? I am a horrible fan, really.

I am hesitating about getting my parents' credit card numbers to order an album I've wanted for the past 9 months I've been an Arashi fan to hear singles I seriously, seriously want and member solos and Sora Takaku (Shit, I've been looking for a HQ of that forever) and 10 extra tracks! TEN!

Maybe I shall. I don't know. -hesitates and walks out the room to impending doom-
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And this also means this journal will forever be left empty until I can actually get less lazy and figure out how everything works here.
I am a slow worker. This may never be done.

Also, I have another main blog (which actually contains snippets of what I have left of a real life) so this will be updated, let's see, never, but we'll see, since I am, admittedly, a compulsive blogger.


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