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fish ([personal profile] standstill) wrote2010-11-25 10:04 pm

guess who's THIRTY now!!


(... And I add an Ohno icon. This is becoming a habit for me |: )

(Also I cannot believe this means Arashi is now going into the stage where they slowly, one by one, become THIRTY. /SHOOOCK)

Ohno Satoshi♥ Our singing, dancing, acting, painting, fishing little man of goodness who doesn't seem to lack in any aspect and is deviously devious beneath his constant stoned expression and have I mentioned he is talented in multiple areas and makes me want to squish him tight forever and always because he is so adorable and lovable and he is a wonderful person and TL;DR, OHNO SATOSHI I LOVE YOU♥

credits to [ profile] saobang2211

Ohno Satoshi: 30 in age, 13 at heart. (And people wonder why I love him♥)