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I'm not even going to try and control my love for this.


HD raw from ANJ

MatsuJun wins the award for Prettiest Boy in this PV. He is so gorgeous.

Okay I so lied it is a tie between MatsuJun and Aiba. Although what Aiba's wearing is a complete disaster that I will not talk about.

I'm just going to stop talking now and let you admire the pretty.

When I saw this, I squealed and giggled like an idiot. What? He's sitting in an indent on the wall. What do you mean it's not funny!?

This cap is a horrible (his face) but the way he positions is fingers is mmmmm.

Ohno's bangs. I'm not taking sides on this, since I think he'll look pretty cute once I get used to it, but I think in this PV the way his hair was done just didn't suit him. He looks much better in Wii CMs though.

I loved this whole series of caps♥

Ohno has beautiful hands, Jun finds the most amazing ways to contort his fingers. All is well.

WAS VERY GORGEOUS. In fact, have a .gif!

Almost smiling...

Getting more smiley...



I love Aiba singing his heart out ;_;

Even I don't know why I like this cap. It looks like a mess. But a very pretty mess, so. I'm just going to assume it's the compelling hotness that is Ohno's back.


I could never look at this cap seriously after [ profile] topazera described this as Nino's patronus on tumblr. CANNOT UNSEE.


It's like the director yelled "TAKE 5!" while the camera was rolling and by some miracle the scene didn't get edited out.

Either that or Sho, Ohno and Nino are just oblivious. Watch as Jun tries to save the scene by making Aiba stare at the beauty that is a green screen behind them.

I am a sucker for photos where half the screen (or more) is negative space and the remaining half or less is covered by pretty Japanese boys. I think the person who directed Hatenai Sora must know this.

... And Hatenai Sora comes to an end. This is possibly my favourite cap from this PV, because it is just so pretty, with the open doors and the bright, beautiful sky and their reflections in the water and all 5 of them♥ There is nothing not to love about this cap.

And because I love moving and there was much of it in this PV (as compared to the last three), gifs!

Things Hatenai Sora gave us: Hot men with half open white shirts clinging onto every curve of their body standing in the rain pelting upon them. The near incoherence of my sentence should describe my mental state after seeing this scene.

Water is pretty♥

MY FAVOURITE PART OF THIS WHOLE PV. The doors open, Arashi turns to walk out into the open, Nino brings his arms up and draws them close to his chest before he turns to leave♥ I love it.

I love this whole PV. I love the fact that they all look fantastic. That they move. That they're in an actual set and not solely depending on a green screen for once (NEXT STEP: THE GREAT OUTDOORS!) That the song makes me feel like pushing away all the crap that is life and bringing out all that I have and getting everything over and done with.

I love everything there possibly is to love about this PV♥

... Except Aiba's outfit. That thing is unlovable. What did he do to his stylist!?

Also relevant: Reason #409823906873;ldkfvc-I've-lost-count why life is unfair: 700 fans watching GANTZ before everyone else does
;_; I'll get it like, half a year later. Damn geographical locations! But what I'm truly jealous about is seeing everyone there -- Nino, MatsuKen, Kanata -- in the flesh. I want this so, so much D:
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Kyaaa!~ <3 <3 <3

The idea about Nino's patronus is just hilarious ahahaha but yeah.. oh well, I'll always look at it that way from now on. XD

Aiba's ankle looks sexy~ XD (excuse my fetish LOL)