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fish ([personal profile] standstill) wrote2010-09-01 01:36 am

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Omg, I am totally not 2 days late for MatsuJun's birthday.
(Also this text is a load of HTML. I cannot read it right now. Damn you Jun, be glad I love you [and HTML])

Also what is this horror that is the fact that I do not have a single MatsuJun icon, tsk. THIS MISTAKE MUST BE CORRECTED AT ONCE -adds icon-

Anyway, Matsumoto Jun(: You have come a long way in your 27 years of life, from chibi!young and dorky to puberty!awkward to fabulousness and glamour in adulthood. Thanks for all the laughs you've brought along the way, for all the effort you've put in to make Arashi a success, and for everything you've given everyone.

Happy birthday Jun(: Oh, and...

Never change(: