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too much news for one fandom to handle

So much for never posting. Time to get this journal properly set up though, with layouts and actual display pictures and joining communities and posting, don't forget posting!

Anyway I have just pretty much gotten screwed over in the head -- the Kaibutsu-kun insert song will be released! 07.07.2010! Same day as To be free!
Anyone other than me going "Shit, a solo single" and panicking the crap out of myself?
(Something tells me my slight anxiety disorder is working here, but let me rant out my overreactive heart and heavy breathing in text.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally in love with Arashi member solos (in fact, my favourite song ever is Nino's Niji). But, the thing it's, it's a single. I'm not going to the "Shit, what if the solo sales beat their group sales?" area because I have full confidence that no, it's not going to happen. My problem's more like, "Oh shit he's going solo? Again?" I'm paranoid, but it is so, so scary to think that way. I know it'll be fine -- he'll go back to Arashi, be happy and gay and RAINBOWS and all, but still. This is his second solo single and -- I don't know :/

I will breathe and think that it's okay, people like KinKi Kids have had a million solo singles each and are still happy together! (Don't think about T&T, they will come back together one day they will come back together one day they will come back together one day...)

But forget about that.

Nino's car accident is unfortunate (mostly for the rest of Arashi-minus-Ohno though, I mean seriously, banned from driving, and that poor girl with the injury), but still. Car accident love is all drama people, stop wishing you were the girl. (What's going to happen? "Ahh, it hurts..." "I -- I'm sorry!" -stares into each other's eyes and BAM! ~♥TRUE LOVE♥~-)

Also, does it make me a bad fan that I died of laughter seeing water travel up Nino's phone in the reverse version of the AU phone CM? I am a horrible fan, really.

I am hesitating about getting my parents' credit card numbers to order an album I've wanted for the past 9 months I've been an Arashi fan to hear singles I seriously, seriously want and member solos and Sora Takaku (Shit, I've been looking for a HQ of that forever) and 10 extra tracks! TEN!

Maybe I shall. I don't know. -hesitates and walks out the room to impending doom-